2017 Peter Lynn Aero 14m

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This is in immaculate as new condition and has been used for just 3 hours due to lack of time.

Balanced material use

The Aero is completely built with 20D Fabric to ensure the light wind performance associated with this type of kite. To create the kite's high dimensional stability we used 30D hard coated fabric for the internal construction.

Fibre shaped nose
To increase the aerodynamics of the kite, a fibre batten has been fitted on the front of each panel to create a very slick ‘nose’. While these fibre rods keep the nose tightly in shape they also add to the overall stability of the kite and help prevent luffing.
Optimized, minimal bridle
The Internal construction allows for evenly spaced out bridle points which in turn allow for a drastic reduction in overall bridle length. The bridle itself is constructed out of the highest grade Liros® DC 100%
High aspect ratio, high cell count
The Aero’s high Aspect Ratio and high cell count make for a very thin and slick wing. The high number of cells ensure the wings dimensional stability and prevents deforming of the designed shape. The High Aspect ratio makes the kite cut upwind like a knife and allows for high flying speeds.
Ronstan® Orbit pulleys
The Aero’s speed system is constructed with 2×2 Ronstan® Orbit pulleys, these high quality pulleys weigh only 9grams and allow for loads up to 250Kg. And since the line goes through the bearing it will always stay connected even in the rare case the pulley gets damaged.
Reinforced bridle points
The bridle tabs are double stitched and reinforced with a Dacron patch for strength and durability, a Peter Lynn system which has proven its reliability time over time.
Individually designed sizes
To accomplish maximum performance across the entire range of sizes we do not believe in scaling up or down. That is why each individual size has its very own design specifics and Aspect Ratio, this ensures optimal performance in each size as well as synergized handling, feel and balance across the range.
Colour Lime Green
Condition Immaculate as new
Size 14m
Year 2017
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