2012 North Rebel (Updated review)
I have now had a chance to try the 12m properly and this too is an awesome kite. Having been used to 12m kites being a bit slow and boring the Rebel was a pleasant surprise.


The turning speed was so good it could have been a 10m and that was with the bar set to its narrow position so I can only imagine what it would be like on the wide setting.

As I mentioned in the first review the Rebel is a 5-line kite and I personally favour this type of safety system for its reliability. Well I decided to be sure what happened when activating the chicken loop. As expected the kite just dropped to the ground with absolutely no power and it even landed leading edge down into the wind, perfectly parked!

Dont forget, If you are thinking of buying a new kite then get in touch and I can arrange a demo.



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