2012 North Rebel
I recently took delivery of some of the 2012 North Rebels in 7m, 9m and 12m sizes. So far I have used the 7m and 9m and have to say I am very impressed with them.

Firstly the package as a whole is the usual high quality we are used to seeing from North with even the bag displaying sharp modern graphics. The bar has changed slightly from last year in the coloring but still has the industry accepted red on the left.


The Rebel is a 5-line kite and this in my view is still by far the safest safety system available. You can be sure when activating the chicken loop that your kite will lose power and sit patiently waiting for you to recover it.

In action the kite performs well with good turning speed and an impressive range of power. One thing that immediately stood out was the phenomenal boosting potential which was confirmed by others riding with me when they commented “Wow! You were getting massive height”

If you are thinking of buying a new kite then get in touch and we can arrange a demo.


Regards Steve



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