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I am  writing to say 'Thank you' for the IKO Level  1  Instructors course you ran last week at the Kite Academy.  You have an excellent understanding of the sport and I really appreciated the mix of theory and practice.  Several long days literally flew by.  I was surprised by some of the challenges of the course and am motivatated  to continue  developing as a kitesurfer and kiting  instructor.



Posted By: S Mark Armstrong
Very good Teacher worth everypenny everything was concrete, concise, precise.
Posted By: Ian Singer
I did my IKO instructors course with Steve Davison @ bracklesham bay last week and loved the whole week, Steve provided a lot of information and knowledge. The week was very relaxed and chilled out, the course was put together very well and laid out in a fasion that if something wasn't clear then it became self explanatory. I would recommend Steve if the occasion arises and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for a good course and time last week.
Posted By: Andy smith

Steve is a really good teacher and all round awesome person to be around.

To have had him as an instructor was a pleasure and great fun



Posted By: Adam

IKO L1 course with Steve Davison:

Great course with excellent teacher in Steve who has a wealth of knowledge and advice to pass on.


Posted By: Conrad O'Callaghan

Level 1 ITC.

I completed the ITC instructor couse in September with Steve Davison and it was held at the Paracedemy Extreme centre in Weymouth. The course was delivered over a 5 day period and it was delivered very well by Steve. I enjoyed the course very much and Steve's teaching style kept the group interested all keen to learn more.

Not only did I learn a lot more about kiteboarding but also about teaching styles and interacting with the students. After completing the course I came away feeling satisfied that undertaking my ITC with IKO was the best way to go. The IKO training structure is very compehensive and professional. I would reccomend this to anyone thinking of becoming a kite boarding instructor.

I was inspired by Steve to be professional and deliver kite board training to the IKO standards.



Posted By: Mario Wisdom
Last week I spent a week in Langebaan being taught and examined by Steve Davison. The service and teaching I recieved was top class and I recomend Steve to all prospective kiting instrutors. He always sustained a constructive and fun learning evnvironment. This resulted in myself passing along with the rest of the candidates.
Posted By: James Busse

Great doing the ITC with you last week and though I have a few thousand hours of teaching under my belt already I still managed to pick up a few things.



Posted By: Brad Symington

Thanks guys,

Very impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of tuition,

will be booking some follow up lessons soon to progress that bit further.




Posted By: Attfield

I have recently attended the IKO ITC run by Steve. The course was excellent. He has a huge amount of experience, is passionate about the sport and runs things in a relaxed but highly professional manner. If you are keen about learning to do anything kite related, you will be hard pushed to find a better instructor. 

Posted By: Ed Paxton

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