What is Kite surfing?

Kitesurfing - Also known as kite boarding. Skimming across the waves and flying through the air, synchronising with natures elements and providing a splash of colour at beaches all over the world.

Onlookers watch this exciting water sport in awe as the huge kite propels its pilot across the water and high into the sky spinning them around before gently landing and preparing for their next move.

Kite surfing (also known as Kite boarding) is a water sport that harnesses the power of the wind in a specially designed kite and uses this to propel the kite surfer across the sea on a small board known as a kiteboard.


What is Powerkiting?

Power Kiting – These land based kiters are equally as entertaining as their water based counterparts. Using landboards and kite buggies they can reach speeds of over 50mph and defy gravity as they launch themselves into the air to perform insane stunts.

Powerkiting is the land based entry level into the exciting world of all Kite sports including, Landboarding, Kitebuggy, Kitesurfing and Snowkiting. The kites used are of a foil type design and can use either bar or handle control systems.


Why choose Southend Kitesurfing?

Owned and run by myself (Steve Davison) you are guarnteed being taught by one of the most experienced Instructors around. Having been teaching beginners since 2001 and with 8 years of training Instructors I have aquired an extensive knowledge of the sport.

You can be sure that you will be taught to the very highest standards and treated with respect before, during and after your lessons. Below are some of the things that you can expect from me:-

  • Calm, Patient Instruction
  • Learning steps follow International standards (IKO)
  • Step by step tuition at your pace
  • I will only teach you when the weather is safe and suitable for your level
  • Modern high quality equipment chosen through years of experience
  • Wetsuits hygenically washed after every client
  • Comprehensive advice on equipment choice


What if the weather is not suitable?

All lessons are based around the tide times first. The actual conditions on the day cannot be guaranteed . I will only go ahead with a lesson if the conditions are safe and suitable so if I feel they are not, you will be asked to choose a new date.

Some aspects of the course require little or no wind so we may teach these aspects in a different sequence to maximise the conditions. I will normally advise you before the day if the weather is looking suspect.

It will be your responsibility choose a new date and let us know your choice. Please see Booking terms and conditions


What if I have my own equipment?

In the group lessons you will be paired with another person so in case of damage to your equipment we recommend you use ours. This applies only to the kites and boards; you are welcome to bring your own wetsuits harness etc.
In the private lessons we recommend you bring your own equipment to make the lesson as relevant as possible. We also have a selection of equipment available to demo; please advise us when booking.


Can anyone learn to kitesurf?

Yes providing you can swim and are over 14 years old. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.
Please contact me first to discuss any bookings for under 18's.


How long does it take to learn?

Everyone learns at different speeds but as a minimum you will need 1 INTRO and 2 IMPROVER lessons. In reality after this most people will still need 1 or 2 PRIVATE lessons to get to the point where they are confident and safe enough to go it alone. We will never make you do more than you need and will always give you an honest opinion of your level when asked.

The things you can do to help your progression are:

  1. Following the INTRO lesson get a small trainer kite and practice lots before your next lesson
  2. Ask lots of questions and dont be worried about asking to repeat skills many times
  3. Ensure you listen carefully to instructions
  4. Dont rush to try the board until you are confident flying the kite with 1 hand


Minimum age

18 years old
14 years old if accompanied by parent (Contact us before booking)

Note - Under 18's would benefit more from our Young Kiters Training Program, Please ask for information


What should I bring with me?

You only need to bring a towel, some swim trunks, change for car park, sunscreen, packed lunch.

If you have your own wetsuit, booties, harness, helmet, buoyancy aid then you are welcome to bring them and if suitable use them for the lesson if not don't worry as we can supply all the necessary equipment.


What if I already bought a voucher for a 2 day course?

All 2 day voucher holders have enough credit to take 1 Land based INTRO and 2 Water based IMPROVER sessions which would compare to taking the original 2 day course.


My friends said I would be better booking a "proper 2 day course" elsewhere!

Having taught Kitesurfing since the sport first started, it has become apparent that the traditional offering of a 2 day beginner course often proves too much in terms of Time commitment and Information overload not to mention the chance of 2 consecutive days of suitable weather.

At Southend Kitesurfing I believe in continual improvement so that my customers get the very best from their lessons. You will become independent to a higher level by taking several shorter lessons. Bear in mind that virtually everyone who does a 2 day course normally needs between 1 and 5 additional lessons before they are confident enough to go it alone anyway.


Which is the right lesson for me?

If you have never tried kitesurfing before or really want to ensure you have got all the basics under your belt then start with the "INTRO" otherwise choose "IMPROVER"


What if I just want a Taster?

If you are not too sure about kitesurfing and just want a bit of a taster then please choose our "POWERKITE TASTER" This is a 1hr land based lesson where you will get to fly a small selection of small but powerful foil kites.


What will I learn?

Lesson content will be tailored for each persons individual ability. The content will be selected using the lesson content shown below each course description as a guide. It is entirely possible to have mixed abilities in the same group.


How soon should I book?

As soon as you know your availability we would advise booking as spaces get filled quickly. New dates do get added when good forecasts come along so it's always worth checking back regularly especially for PRIVATE lessons


Maximum ratio per Instructor


4 to 1 (INTRO)

2 to 1 (IMPROVER)*

1 to 1 (PRIVATE)

* NOTE - May be 4 to 1 by request and during busy periods


Yes providing you can swim and are over 8 years old. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.
Please contact us first to discuss any bookings for under 18's.

What should I bring with me? 

Where can I stay?

Make your stay more relaxing and stay at one of the excellent establishments Southend has to offer. The accommodation listed has been personally inspected by us and you can be assured of an enjoyable stay at either of these award winning places

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